Basic No Posting Package 

Basic No Posting Package

Assess & Rank Employees

The Basic No Posting Package from SmoothHiring is a cost-effective solution to hiring employees that best fit your organization’s needs. With features like intelligent screening through our advanced patented technology and a job fit report, our Basic No Posting Package allows you to thoroughly screen every applicant, reducing the need to manually sift through a pile of resumes. Additionally, SmoothHiring goes beyond simply selecting applicants that meet your job description and screens to increase the likelihood of each candidate’s success at your company.

What’s Included

The No Posting Package: $299/job

  • Intelligent Screening
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Employee Insights
  • Job Fit Report

Streamline the Hiring Process

With help from the Basic No Posting Package from SmoothHiring, you can streamline the employee screening and hiring process. Automatically bring the best applicants to the top of your pile and utilizes patented job-fit technology to choose the candidates that will best fit your needs and the goals of the company.

Select the Best Employees

Not only does SmoothHiring make the resume process a breeze by selecting candidates that fit your job description, but it also utilizes innovative technology to capture your most productive employees’ winning attributes. It then selects new candidates that have these same attributes, allowing you to fill any role at any time with applicants who will contribute to the success of your company.

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