A complete hiring solution leveraging science and data.

Built on Data Science and Predictive analytics,
SmoothHiring is an end to end hiring solution built for SMB's
from posting jobs to onboarding new hires.

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Hiring Platform- SmoothHiring

SmoothHiring's Evolution in People Decisions

Traditional approaches to hiring decisions have long been clouded by subjectivity, opinions, and a lack of predictive accuracy. This has resulted in diminished productivity, stifled innovation, and suboptimal outcomes. It’s high time for a revolutionary shift in how we approach pivotal hiring decisions.

The Startling Reality:

About three in four small business employers hired the wrong person for a position. Hiring decisions made on guesswork and opinions lead to significant hiring costs. one bad hire can increase cost  by 3 to 5 times, leading  to less productivity and lost hiring time.

Addressing the Root-cause:

The crux of the matter lies in hiring decisions rooted solely in historical actions, guessing the right fit and over-reliance on subjective opinions. it’s imperative to delve deeper and ensure a match between individuals and their respective job roles for a successful hire.

Empowering Success
Its time to transform hiring with informed decisions.


We built a Solution.

Unlock Predictive Potential!

Drawing insights from top performers, SmoothHiring charts the course to success hiring. SmoothHiring empowers organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions thus boosting workforce productivity and growth.


Goodbye to Traditional Hiring.
Employee management software
Step by step procedure for hiring process
Introducing SmoothHiring

How does it work?

SmoothHiring emerges as the antidote – a Predictive Analytics Platform that envisions hiring success through the synergy of science and data analytics.

Scientific Cornerstone

SmoothHiring’s foundation rests on robust science and data analytics, incorporating two pivotal metrics:

  • Work-life Data: Skills, education, and experience
  • Patented Psychometric Survey: A paradigm shift in understanding individuals.
As candidates apply, SmoothHiring patented technology assesses the personality, skills and experience of a candidate  for a job using behavioral traits.

This helps you find the best fit for your job opening and avoid bad hires.
Why Choose Us

SmoothHiring is an easy-to-use end-to-end data driven hiring software built on predictive analytics, for people first companies, with a mission to help find, hire and onboard top talent. Our robust features make every step of your hiring a breeze.

Step by step procedure for hiring process
  • Post to 200+ Job boards

  • Assess Score and Rank Applicants

  • Predict Successfull Employee

  • Create Hiring Pipelines

  • Schedule Interviews

  • Collaborate Seemlessly

  • Easy onboarding

  • Branding and Career Pages

  • Hiiring Coach

  • Intuitive Dashboard

Our Values

Our mission is a world where the right people are in the right jobs, resulting in happier employees and more productive organizations.

Here is what our amazing Clients are saying


I'm excited I'll always have a way to find fantastic team members

Ianthe Mauro
Ianthe Mauro

Owner at Objects with Purpose

We’ve hired over 20 employees through SmoothHiring and they are all still with us

Chad Horenfeldt
Chad Horenfeldt

VP Customer Success at Influitive

SmoothHiring has almost become part of our culture

Heather Gingerich
Heather Gingerich

Director of Employee, Community Engagement at Peoplecare Inc.

SmoothHiring is a great asset we've come to trust and use every time Medallion Capital Group is looking to grow the team. The high quality of candidates that's presented to us has lead to our latest 3 stellar hires. As a hiring manager, the detailed analysis provided for each candidate is a big time saver.

Carmen Puopolo
Carmen Puopolo

OLCM Director Of Sales Operations & Business Development

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